Because of the rapid pace at which trends develop on TikTok, it is essential for brands to stay abreast of the latest developments.

As such, we enlisted the aid of Kelsey Docherty, a TikTok enthusiast, appreciator, and all-around video content pro, who kindly agreed to share her insights.

In this TikTok post, inspired by Kelsey’s trend-watching series on Instagram (@kelsey tries), she will discuss everything from the companies and brands that are currently trending on the app to the most cutting-edge new trends that you absolutely must try.

Review of This Week’s TikTok Trends

Since July of this year (2019), I’ve been posting a TikTok parody every Thursday on my Instagram account. TikTok is constantly evolving, so you must as well.

I’ll keep an eye out for emerging styles and offer guidance as you explore the ever-evolving world of TikTok. Think of me as a TikTok lighthouse that will guide you safely to land.

There have been a lot of sudden trends on TikTok recently, some of which seem to have come out of nowhere and others of which seem to be connected to current events.

Currently, you can find Outer Banks parodies and 90 Day Fiancé soundbites among the trending TikTok videos.
On the other hand, there is material like clips from Debby Ryan’s Disney Channel shows from 2012 featuring her most awkward moments.

How, after 8 years, did these suddenly start showing up on our For You Pages? The inner workings of TikTok are a mystery.
Perhaps all it took was for a popular creator to make one video that went viral. Or perhaps the children who have been quarantined have become nostalgic and are re-airing their old favourite shows. No matter how it began, this week we’ll be showing even more classic movies.

Discover this week’s most talked-about products, styles, and artists

This Week’s Biggest TikTok Fad
TikTok’s content is driven by trends, which also contribute to the app’s kinetic nature.

Let’s check out some that have been gaining popularity for your brand this week.

Color Scheme: Red Roses

The popular “Roses are red” poem is being finished in Google Translate with a new ending.

Many popular brands have hopped on the bandwagon, including the Philadelphia Eagles and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

If poetry isn’t your forte, don’t fret. Adapt the fad to your expertise and know interest of your audience.

In the case of a yoga instructor, for instance:

Roses are red, my brain is a haze, and here is a clip of me saying, “You could probably use a downward dog,”

Scrub It Out Fad

Wipe It Down is a popular app trend that employs a novel editing technique to highlight a transformation in the subject’s appearance (clothing, makeup, or attitude).
This is a naturally occurring phenomenon on TikTok, but there are some very useful lessons to be learned if you are thinking about creating your own challenge or hashtag for your brand on the platform.

The widespread participation in the Wipe It Down challenge can be attributed to the fact that anyone can take part in it, from professional makeup artists to cosplayers.

The shift requires some dexterity, but you can do it! When you need some help with the Wipe It Down dance craze, watch this TikTok tutorial:
Seeking additional resources for editing your TikTok videos? In this post, we dive into the specifics so that you can master transitions and filters with ease.

Award for Best TikTok Channel This Week

TikTok has become a platform where brands can express their unique personalities without the strict aesthetic guidelines of Instagram.

Every week we’ll feature a brand (or two!) that’s been crushing it on TikTok.

Manscaped will go first. To put it simply, the “below the waist” grooming and hygiene brand for men is responsible for some of the most engaging and innovative videos on TikTok.

It’s not surprising that their app content is popular because their brand values include levity.
In their videos, they make light of themselves (by joking that they sponsored the biggest live sporting event of 2020, the American Cornhole League Tournament), they jump on trends (like the TikTok rest area trend), and they educate their audience about the products they sell.
They’re the unsung heroes of the app, with only 20,000 followers. Their most prominent video personality is challenging Dave from The Washington Post.

Many users on TikTok enjoy Manscaped for various reasons. They have a main spokesperson who appears in most of their TikToks, giving their content a point of reference for viewers and giving them some consistency when they appear on users For You Page.

They also use a lot of wit and humour in their videos and dialogue. In general, this sort of content does fairly well on TikTok and is well-received by the app’s audience.

Let your company’s lighthearted side shine through now.

Up-and-Coming Artists and Companies

On TikTok, creators are a goldmine of ideas and a reliable barometer of what kinds of videos are going viral.

Let’s analyse a few of our favourites and see what we can take away from them:

#1 Ana Coto (@anaocto), Roller Skates’ Chief Executive
Ana Coto is one of our favourite creators on TikTok because she skates around while showing us her moves to the hottest new songs.
#2: Nice Mr. Michael Nice (@nicemichael), CEO of Vibetown

The name of this dude pretty much sums him up. The videos he posts make you want to crack a smile right along with him.

Nice Michael has the best energy, listens to music, and dances with his girlfriend Catherine. There should be more people like Nice Michael.