Forty-four percent of marketers are already using TikTok, per data from the Hubspot Blog.
Some companies are having trouble finding their place in the expanding world of short-form video. In fact, according to a report by InVideo in 2022, only around half of major businesses such as Google and IKEA are using the platform at all.

Brand marketing on TikTok, where to look for trends, and how to get in on the action are all topics we’ll be discussing here.

Recent Fads on TikTok

There is an increase in the number of companies investigating the site

For 2022, TikTok is the platform where marketers are allocating the most resources, per data from the HubSpot Blog Study.

There was a considerable lag time before businesses began to take TikTok seriously. They anticipated that it would serve as a venue where members of Generation Z could post comedic skits.

It wasn’t until 2020, when its popularity (and user growth) peaked, that businesses took notice.

The marketing community now considers it the fourth most successful social media site, after Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In comparison to other well-established social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest, that is a significant advantage.
While many users likely joined the network in search of comedic videos, brands are beginning to understand that authenticity and community building are two of the platform’s most alluring features, and hence strong drivers of user retention.

TikTok users are reducing their intake of content from other sources

Is there anything you’d like to accomplish if you had the complete focus of your listeners?

Kantar reports that 46% of users are fully immersed in the platform’s content without any external interference.

As a result of using TikTok, 41% of Gen Z users report listening to less podcasts, and 33% report watching less television.

To increase their audience and participation, social media marketers should take advantage of this spotlight.

Sound is more valuable than hashtags

In contrast to other social media, sound is essential in Snapchat.

According to TikTok’s “What’s Next” survey, 88% of users agree that the platform’s audio plays a significant role in the app’s overall experience.

According to the data, the video view rates on the “For You” page in 2021 were 47% higher for noises than for hashtags.

In addition, according to Invideo’s TikTok Brand Marketing Report, uplifting songs are by far the most popular TikTok music option, accounting for 80% of the top videos.

Where to Look for TikTok Fads

The Tab Labeled “Explore”

The “Explore” section of Tiktok is a great place to spot emerging trends.
Selecting this tab will take you to a page that lists the most searched for noises, hashtags, and themes, as well as a preview of the best videos in that particular section.
How many videos there are that fit that category may also be viewed, letting you know which trends are on the upswing and which have already reached their peak popularity.

A Special Page Only for You

In the same vein as Instagram’s Explore page, TikTok has a “For You” tab. Every user’s experience is unique since it is tailored to their interests.

Yet, it is also where news of current events spreads.
If a video has tens of thousands of comments or hundreds of thousands of views, it may be worth investigating further to see whether it is part of a larger trend. The video’s sound is in the bottom left corner, so you should check there first.
If you do so, you’ll be able to see the song’s name, the total number of videos that contain it, and a scroll bar to actually watch those videos. All of this data will let you know how common a sound is and how other people are employing it.

To Click On The Search Bar

The search feature on TikTok is a fantastic tool for finding emerging fads.

TikTok pre-populates suggested searches based on hot subjects before you even start typing.
To see videos made about these subjects, simply click on the appropriate search results.

The #TrendAlert Trending Topic

Imagine, though, that despite employing the aforementioned methods, you are still unable to see trends.

The good news is that TikTok has millions of users who are much ahead of the curve. Just follow them or look for posts with the #TrendAlert hashtag to stay on top of the latest developments.

TikTok Fads: The Ultimate Guide

Get a head start

However, the nature of trends is such that they swiftly fade and are replaced by new ones. There’s a risk of missing out on a great opportunity if you wait too long to come on board.

As soon as you notice a trend on TikTok that interests you, start thinking of ways you might incorporate it into your own content.

Find a way to make your story accessible to your target audience

Although videos on TikTok can be up to three minutes long, the vast majority of them that gain massive popularity are barely 30 seconds long.

This means that you have a limited amount of time to gain attention before people start to tune out. That’s one approach. Integrate personal experiences into your writing.

Know when to give up and go away

New TikTok fads emerge every day.

This means that not every fad is necessarily worth following. You may have missed the boat, or it may not fit in with the tone and principles of your brand.

Whysoever the case may be, don’t jump on a trend after it’s already passed its zenith. After then, people may be sick of the fad and want to avoid it at all costs. Having your brand appear out-of-date is another risk.
Styles on TikTok are dynamic and ever-changing. The technologies discussed here will allow you to keep up with current trends and attract a larger and larger user base.