If you enjoy TikTok and have been looking for amusing films that can make you laugh out loud, you may already be familiar with Ryanair’s humorous TikToks. If not, you must investigate them.

Ryanair’s TikTok videos, which are among the most well-known on the platform, serve as compelling evidence that authenticity is the key to TikTok success.

Ryanair’s TikTok approach serves as a wonderful model for companies considering using the platform because it has remarkable abilities to produce interesting content on a tight budget.

Let’s investigate the most successful strategies used by Ryanair to promote TikTok together!

Ryanair’s TikTok page

The USP (unique selling proposition) of Ryanair as a company is to provide ultra-cheap rates for international travel.

Looking at Ryanair’s TikTok account makes it abundantly evident that the company’s TikTok strategy derives from and is exactly in line with its vision and credo, which is that memorable experiences can be had on a budget.

Contrary to common opinion or expectation, a brand does not need to spend a sizable amount of money on marketing in order to become well-known on TikTok. However, inventiveness is a necessity!

Ryanair’s success on TikTok is a result of its recognition that authenticity now rules social media and its emphasis on producing humanised content.

Ryanair’s TikTok account aspires to provide humorous and thought-provoking material that will resonate with and engage its audience rather than pushing aggressive sales.

Ryanair uses humorous filters in their TikTok videos

Ryanair’s TikTok strategy involves straightforward and humorous effects, like the plane face filter that has become iconic for the brand’s TikTok videos, rather than turning to elaborate settings or pricey collaborations.
Since it helps foster a human connection and relationship with its audience, this less polished form of material has worked well for Ryanair in shaping the brand’s distinctive personality.
The user base of TikTok admired Ryanair’s bravery, uniqueness, and ingenuity because it took a very different strategy from most brands in its industry.

These three crucial components of Ryanair’s TikTok strategy served as the cornerstones of its TikTok success, making the company one of the most well-known names on the platform today.


In terms of performance, Ryanair’s TikTok account stands out from the competition due to its sizable fan base, extraordinary view rate, and high level of engagement.

Ryanair is the ideal illustration of how inexpensive yet inventive creatives can turn a TikTok account into a star, with engagement exceeding TikTok’s typical values and recording an average engagement rate by views of 9.6%.
Brands considering using TikTok, the newest and fastest-growing social media platform, to their benefit should learn from Ryanair’s TikTok marketing strategies.

Ryanair actively utilises contextual marketing in their TikTok content

The necessity to produce attention-grabbing material in only a few seconds is what makes TikTok such a difficult medium for most marketers to use.

Ryanair shows that it is achievable, despite the fact that it is by no means a simple task.

Deconstructing the brand’s method for creating TikTok videos reveals a pattern of production centred on three pillars: The majority of Ryanair’s TikTok videos are around ten seconds long, humorous, and captioned.

Instagram approach

Regarding Ryanair’s TikTok creative strategy, the company frequently draws inspiration from its community and on-the-spot circumstances that were generated at various points in time.
The sarcastic brand identity that Ryanair developed as a result of understanding the pains and dissatisfactions of its consumers as they were expressed in comments and reviews and freely addressing them is what earned the company its TikTok renown.

Ryanair maintains the witty yet snarky tone that distinguishes its TikTok account when communicating across the brand’s social media platforms.

Ryanair fully embraced the meme trend on Instagram, including this theme and content type into nearly all of its creative pieces.
Ryanair had the confidence to experiment with Reels, Instagram’s newest and most popular feature, after succeeding on TikTok and learning how to leverage video material to their benefit.

Ryanair’s Instagram Reels are a continuation of their current Instagram content strategy and are intended to be quick video memes that depict typical flying circumstances.

YouTube Specials

First and foremost, Ryanair is aware of the value of utilising video material on social media nowadays because this is the user’s new favourite sort of content, and it also knows how to emphasise its creative side.

By making specific video material for each channel (including YouTube Shorts), Ryanair not only succeeds in winning over the intended audience for each platform but also stays away from being monotonous.

last thoughts

The most crucial lesson for firms using social media marketing today is probably that posts that evoke strong feelings help to cultivate a devoted audience.

In order to create a more humanised vision and mood, it would be important to approach material as a creator rather than a brand, as demonstrated by Ryanair’s social media strategy.

People want to be entertained when scrolling through their social media accounts, which is particularly true in the case of TikTok, but not alone.

As a result, content that accomplishes this will always yield better outcomes than that which is sales and product focused.