TikTok is a phenomenon, a stage for the stars.

If I’m being completely honest, I like nothing more than spending hours on YouTube laughing at random clips. Moreover, I am rather pleased by the abundance of fresh and innovative video concepts from major brands and producers that can be found on the site. The TikTok artists that keep coming up on my phone screen may, at some point, have an impact on me.

The Top 8 Ideas for New Videos on TikTok

There are so many videos available that it might be challenging to find original content to share. Here are the top eight ideas for your next TikTok video.
These suggestions can help you come up with material that will engage your audience and get them laughing, smiling, and who knows? maybe even learning something new.

Videos Documenting a Typical Day

Have you ever wished you could experience life through the perspective of another person? To live in their shoes and do what they do on a daily basis? To put it simply, you can now. Because of the proliferation of videos and the ease with which they may be made, “day in the life” videos are simpler to make than they have ever been. Take your viewers along with you as you go about your day by sharing personal vlog material and giving them a glimpse into your world.
Play around with Dance Offs

Feel the need to get your groove on?

Dance challenges posted to TikTok, such as the Renegade and the Toosie Slide, have gone viral. You may expect a large audience response to this idea, making it a top-tier TikTok video concept. There is no shortage of creative methods to show off your moves and impress your pals. The perfect tunes and a few easy moves can turn any situation into a dance-off.

Videos with Lip Syncing

Ready to enter the lip sync competition? If you want to do it, TikTok is the app to use. Make your lip sync videos stand out from the crowd with its simple editing tools and fun effects. Many have been getting their lip syncing on, both to well-known songs and to sequences from classic films. The success of your lip-sync videos can be influenced by a number of factors, including the song you use and the filter you apply to it.

Use Real World Examples to Demonstrate Goods

The old adage goes, “Seeing is believing,” and I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Well, in the realm of social media marketing, especially on platforms like TikTok, appearances are key. This is one of the best TikTok video ideas for brands, and it explains why so many companies are shifting their focus to the platform. Customers will be more likely to buy your product if you demonstrate its usefulness to them in action. Seeing your product in action, either through a live demonstration or a tutorial, is a great approach to get people interested in your product in a fun and engaging way.

Do a TikTok Challenge that’s been trending

The best ideas for your next TikTok video are right here. Each user can find a unique set of challenges to complete on the site. Yet, not all challenges have the same potential for virality. Here are the top four TikTok challenges you can consider posting to your profile this month, whether you want to show off your dance talents or culinary prowess.

Provide Quick Guides

It’s easy to feel stuck for inspiration when it comes to content creation. On the other hand, have you thought of making TikTok tutorials? You can both entertain and educate your viewers with these kind of films.

There are several possible approaches to making instructional videos, whether you’re showing people how to cook a dish, put together an outfit, or complete a mundane household chore. Make tutorials that are interesting and useful, and your audience will watch them again and over again.

TV Shows About Creating Art

Whether you’re an established artist or just starting out, arts and crafts films are a fun way to showcase your talents and encourage artistic expression on TikTok. You may find a wide variety of creative content on TikTok, from do-it-yourself tasks to arts and crafts like papermaking, painting, and sculpture. Then upload some DIY project videos to TikTok. You can make anything to impress your audience using the platform’s user-friendly design and plethora of entertaining features.

See some duet videos

Making duet videos with other users is a fun way to showcase your talents and connect with the community on TikTok. An introduction to duet videos for those who are new to TikTok. Two videos are played simultaneously in a Duet Video. The first video is a snippet from the source video, while the second is a response to or commentary on the first. It’s a great approach to have some laughs with your intended audience while also letting your imagination run wild.

Concluding Remarks

TikTok videos are fun to watch and offer a creative outlet. Discovering what works for you and developing it into something useful and original is the key. The actual key to extending your reach and building an authentic following on TikTok is generating something that engages the audience, whether it be a game, a funny story, or instructional information. Use this list of 30 ideas for viral TikTok videos as a springboard to produce interesting videos in 2019 and beyond, increasing the likelihood that viewers will become dedicated followers.