In April of 2019, pop superstar Taylor Swift debuted her single “Me,” which quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The music video shows Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco singing and dancing with the artist in a kaleidoscope rainbow pastel colors. Swift’s TikTok account quickly shared a snippet in the video with the caption #AnotherLikeMe, a line from the song. Show us your best recreation of this dance using MEdancechallenge, the account said, and we’ll pick our favorites.

Number One: The Hashtag Challenge

In 2018, prominent late night TV personality Jimmy Fallon issued the #tumbleweedchallenge on TikTok, challenging viewers of The Tonight Show to upload videos of themselves tumbling about the soil like human weeds to western tunes. Over 8,000 #tumbleweedchallenge videos were posted to TikTok before the beginning of 2019. The overwhelming reaction prompted him to issue a second TikTok challenge, this time daring his followers to upload videos of themselves creating mustaches on their own faces with a permanent marker.

Submitting original, shareable material

Bayern Munich, a German soccer club, created an official TikTok profile in April 2019 to attract new youthful supporters. Soccer players’ custom of celebrating wildly on the pitch after scoring a goal makes them a natural fit for an app that transmits viral, fifteen-second clips of adolescents doing odd, humorous things.

The social media staff at Bayern Munich’s German headquarters posts four to five movies of players showing off each week as part of the club’s TikTok content plan. The first eleven postings on the club’s profile have been seen more than four million times since it was created.

Ads that want to take over the market

It wasn’t until January of 2019 that TikTok began implementing its ad platform. Although it may cost you, if done correctly it is a certain method to attract people to notice your business. TikTok advertising may be used in a number of different ways, and the app provides useful analytics for tracking their performance, such impressions, clicks, and unique reach.

TikTok has daily category-exclusive advertisements in addition to takeover commercials for a brand’s website or Hashtag Challenge. This implies that each day only one brand may completely dominate its category. Advertisements for Brand Takeovers might take the shape of either static graphics or moving ones, or even gifs.

Branded Hashtag Ads

You may also purchase a hashtag task ad on TikTok if you’re concerned that your challenge won’t gain the traction you’d want. Fashion label Guess was the pioneer of this trend with their #InMyDenim challenge.

Indigenous video

In-feed native video advertisements are a third manner that TikTok has been spotted experimenting covertly within the app. The test was discovered in the United States version of the app, where a “Sponsored” video from bicycle store Specialized appeared in the primary feed alongside a blue “Learn More” button.

This button now opens the Specialised Bikes pico(@specializedbikes) profile page within the TikTok app, but it may be modified to take viewers to the advertiser’s website or any other URL. “Promoted Music” was the name given to the track that played in the background of the video.

Contextual Factors

TikTok is perfect for influencer marketing, and the app has seen the rise of many prominent and innovative users since it was first released. Many major companies have begun testing out influencer marketing strategies on the platform. Before the release of “The House with a Clock in Its Walls,” Universal Pictures, for instance, enlisted the help of influential people to spread the word.

Observe current tendencies

TikTok trends vary weekly, so keeping up is essential. In fact, they may shift nearly every day. Maintaining a pulse on user preferences is crucial. If you’re going to use influencers, you can be assured that they’ve made it thus far by picking out the trends worth following. TikTok celebrities, in particular, have a firm grasp on the most effective marketing strategies currently in vogue, and may use this knowledge to increase awareness of your brand and sales of your goods. Don’t worry too much if you’ve missed a trend because it was only popular for a day. Already, signs of the following one’s ascent are appearing.

Content created by users

An effective marketing campaign for TikTok will center on user engagement and content created by the user base. The success of the app is predicated on the content generated by its users, thus it makes perfect sense to convert this into advertising revenue. Haidilao, a popular Chinese restaurant chain, is one example of a brand that nails this. The “DIY” option was added to the menu at Haidilao so that diners could make their own special, off-menu meal out of the ingredients the restaurant offered. Customers who preferred to prepare their own meals were urged to film a little video and post it on Douyin when given the chance to do so. (the Chinese version of TikTok).