Every second, eight new users sign up for TikTok. In addition, TikTok had over 2.6 billion downloads since its 2016 debut, and by the end of 2021, it had 1 billion active users around the world. Despite protests from baby boomers and millennials, this growth suggests that the short-form video app is here to stay. TikTok continues to surpass the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in 2022 due to its innovative filters, unique video effects, trending music, and highly personalised algorithm that knows you better than you know yourself.
Although there is no definitive “rule book” for TikTok, the following 11 tactics will help you attract a larger following, strengthen existing customer ties, demonstrate your commitment to authenticity, and deliver the kind of social validation that users of the app crave.

Tag SEO Hash

Hashtags are not only useful for exploring related content or expanding your brand’s reach, but also for the platform’s internal indexing. Your video views and profile traffic will increase exponentially if it becomes a hot video within any hashtag. Don’t shy away from those hashtags just yet; Google Search has started indexing short-form videos from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in response to the popularity of TikTok among Generation Z. Using hashtags strategically in your caption will help your videos be found by the right people. Hashtags should be relevant to the video’s subject matter and should be chosen with care.

Most Popular Audio Genres: Lip Sync Battles and Music

TikTok is not only entertaining to look at, but also to listen to. As of late, lip syncs have been all the rage, and people are coming up with all sorts of innovative uses for them. As part of its trending algorithm, TikTok rewards users who incorporate the app’s various features, like stickers, sound effects, hashtags, and more, into their content. Your video’s chances of being seen by more people and landing on the Discover page for that sound will increase if you take advantage of current sound trends and parodies.

Cutting Back

This brings us to the concept of niching down, which is crucial in the age of countless millions of online movies. What sets your profile apart from the rest? Just what is it about your films and channel that makes people want to subscribe to it? What will make your movie stick out to consumers as they browse the For You page? Not only is it crucial to halt the scrolling of your page, but also to keep a visitor engaged by encouraging them to explore other movies on your site.

Identifying the content’s unifying theme is critical to attracting and retaining readers. Imagine this as a method of attracting and keeping customers. Inconsistency in your videos will only serve to frustrate your audience and cause them to stop watching and subscribing to your channel.

Learning on TikTok (#)

TikTok excels in producing informative videos. So much so that the #LearnonTikTok hashtag has attracted 284.7 billion total views. Almost anything can be mastered, hacked, or mastered in less than a minute! Is there a skill associated with your brand that you can impart to your audience? Ignite your audience’s interest in learning more by providing them with some brief, actionable tips. A graphic designer may film a tutorial on how to remove a backdrop in Photoshop, a beauty influencer on their nightly skincare routine, or a skateboarder demonstrating how to perform the latest trick.

Reusing already created materials

This is a well-proven strategy for using social media. Be sure to follow the three R’s: reduction, reuse, and recycling! It’s easy to feel that we need to start from scratch with each new piece of material we publish, but the truth is that high-quality work can be used in multiple contexts. Turn the main ideas of an old blog post into a TikTok, for instance. You can use the Top 10 News Stories of 2021 list and modify it for 2022.

You can also make a series out of a collection of shorter movies, similar to how “Best Chrome Extensions: Part 1” is the first in a series of articles about the subject. This chunks lengthy concepts into manageable video chunks that keep viewers coming back for more.

Making Use of TikTok’s Functions: Choral Interactions, Animated Responses, and Stitch

Many of the makers and viewers on TikTok can connect with one another and with you through the app’s many features. Videos that reply to you via the internet are among these. Applying these enhancements will assist tip the algorithm in your favour.

Stitch allows you to take your favourite elements of a video made by another creator and “stitch” them into your own video. Your new video will automatically tag them as well.

Duets are a fun way to provide feedback on the videos of other users. Record yourself while watching both videos side by side to see how you react.


The typical American TikTok user spends 68 minutes per day on the app, and nearly all of them (90%) use it many times per day. People are more likely to stick around on your page if you give them more reasons to do so. The more content you have, the more likely visitors are to stick around and even subscribe to your feed. If someone chooses to follow you, they will be among the first to watch any new videos you upload. The ideal number of weekly uploads varies from account to account and depends on available time and energy spent making TikToks.