Do you want your Instagram to accurately represent your company?

Trying to establish a name for yourself on Instagram?

Instagram success begins with a methodical strategy for your visuals.

Learn the fundamentals of establishing your brand’s identity on Instagram with the advice in this article.

Stay True to Your Brand’s Visuals

Brand assets like as typefaces, colours, and logos are powerful tools for building brand awareness and familiarity. If you use the same images and fonts in all of your feed postings, your followers will quickly learn to recognise your contributions.

Freshii does a great job at including their brand in their Instagram pictures. They don’t watermark every picture, but they do it often enough for people to start associating them with that brand.
On Instagram, Cadbury often uses that signature purple. This not only unifies their Instagram look but also helps to establish their brand identity.

Pick a Sig-Filter

Finding the perfect filter and sticking with it is one of the easiest ways to edit your Instagram feed and create a unified design. You don’t have to commit to just one filter for the duration of your Instagram branding efforts, but it is recommended that you stick to no more than a half-dozen distinct filters.

You can see for yourself how powerful this visual trick is by perusing the Instagram feed of Illyria Pottery.

A Famous Face on TV Every photo of Lauren Conrad has the same filter. This not only unifies her feed, but also gives her posts a consistent tone.
When selecting a filter, it’s important to consider the overall mood you want to create on your Instagram feed. Classic? Vintage? Dour and unsettling? Clear and breezy? You may achieve a certain atmosphere in your posts with the correct filter.

Scientific investigation is another entertaining method to consider Instagram filters. If you’re looking for the most effective filters, Refinery29 has you covered.

Publish Tutorials

You may add your own unique flair to your Instagram images in addition to using filters. Taking pictures is only one of many fun activities you can do with your camera. One enjoyable technique for presenting several photographs in one entry is the photo collage. They provide a lot of life to graphic content marketing campaigns.

Companies like Benefit, with a plethora of products to showcase, naturally favour the usage of photo collages on Instagram. The following is an example of a visual step-by-step guide created using a collage. Brand your collage with numbers, text, and even a logo.

Staples puts a humorous spin on telling loyal customers how to turn floppy discs into a useful office decoration with this collage.
Did you know that viewers who engage with the brand through video are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase? And it is expected that by 2019, videos will account for 80% of all Internet traffic.

With Instagram’s recent rollout of the Instagram Stories feature and the ability to publish films between three and sixty seconds in length, it’s crucial to incorporate video into your visual content strategy.
BuzzFeed Tasty has, at least in terms of the food business, a virtual monopoly on the Instagram video craze. Videos showcasing dishes with upbeat music and a clever font overlay can quickly amass millions of views.

Display Customer-Submitted Product Photos

User-generated content (UGC) is the best way to communicate with your social media audience. There are two main reasons why Instagram postings like these matter. To begin, they transform your Instagram feed from a brochure-like album into a raw and genuine means of presenting a tale. Second, they help develop a sense of community among your followers.

Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up! are fitness entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of curating the perfect Instagram feed. Their “Tone It Up Babes” fitness anecdotes are interspersed with commercial pitches. They provide a platform for Tone It Up users to share authentic, in-depth accounts of their experiences.

Tone It Up is leveraging its own followers as influencers to attest to the product’s efficacy and gain substantial client loyalty.

Another fantastic example of a brand that understands how to captivate its audience with its own content is Pottery Barn. The greatest photos submitted by customers may be found using the hashtag #mypotterybarn and reposted on the company’s official Instagram account. Using this strategy, you can also demonstrate to prospective buyers how your items have been put to use by real people.
Nest, a company that makes smart security cameras, allows its clients to upload videos of their pets’ antics while they’re away. In the same way that user-generated photographs are more credible than those produced by brands, user-generated videos are infinitely more compelling and influential.


Marketing to your target demographic on a visual network like Instagram requires creating a memorable brand identity. Your whole feed, down to each individual photo and video, should serve to increase awareness of your company.

The quality of your Instagram photos determines the level of interaction with your followers and, ultimately, the success of your brand. That’s why maintaining a consistent aesthetic is crucial on Instagram.

To build an Instagram feed that attracts and retains followers and accurately represents your brand, consider the advice given above.