5+ Incredible Steps To Market Your Blog On Instagram

Do many marketers have a big question about marketing their blogs? 

Yes! You can promote your blog while sharing links from content to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. It is a straightforward way to increase your traffic and promote your brand. 

But, Instagram is slightly different from promoting your blogs. You can add your links in Instagram stories, below the post, etc., if you have added links in the image on Instagram that are not clickable.

You didn’t understand.

Here I will deeply explain how to promote your blog via Instagram. 

1. Pick Your Blog Name Friendly

Generally, social media marketing begins with all the basics. Selecting a brand name, adding a professional profile all are considerations to do. A reminder that the blog name should be unique and user-friendly. We recommend that the blog’s name is an Instagram name that helps to identify your blog and the brand quickly. 

Including that, if you’re using other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, your followers can recognize your account belonging together. 

2. Make Your Profile Extraordinary

Maximum questions have been raised among the marketers. That’s 

“My account will be in public or private mode.” 

By default, your Instagram profile should be public, and then you can easily promote your blog with Instagram. Hereby, many audiences will click your blog. 

After posting the blog, you should promote it among your audience. Hence, you could use Instgaram features such as stories, IGTV, and more. 

By using IGTV, you will describe your blog and its purposes shortly. If you get more views & likes, it highly chances to get likes for your videos. Otherwise, you will choose to buy IGTV likes services which help to get more organic likes. 

3. Attractable Bio

Your Instagram bio section is significant to the audience because if they enter your account, it helps to describe you. Also, you can enter your blog details here. 

Giving your bio should be short and informative, which shows your personality. You can also add a call to action. Adding one or two hashtags in your bio is be helpful. These hashtags are clickable so that everyone can get directly enters the hashtag feed.

4. Write the Post Captions

Before uploading the post on Instagram, you can include the captions below the posts. Those captions would be your own thoughts or use image captions (blog title)

Most of the time, adding captions to your post images build viewers want to know more. Including a caption can stimulate curiosity and encourage something to your audience. 

Here are the basic things while creating a caption:

  • The first line of your caption is very crucial
  • Use a steady brand voice 
  • Add hashtags and structure

5. Post Frequently

The visibility of the engagement will decrease if you follow the inconsistency. Additionally, 50% of comments if you are published within 6 hours after declaring the post. When the strength of your post decreases, you have to do post something new. 

  • Posting at 7 AM from Wednesday to Friday gives the highest engagement
  • Posting from 11 AM to 3 PM also makes a lot of engagement
  • Post on weekends, 10:00 AM CDT also the best option to create engagement. 

6. Focus on Reels Videos

Instagram reels an effective option to market your blog on Instagram. Making blog-related content and publish them in your reel section. After publishing videos, more questions will raise in your comments section. Without delay, you should answer them in all your comments. 

More audiences will watch your videos, and you will get more engagement for your reels videos. If you want instant engagement, you will buy Instagram reels likes for your videos. At last, you get a new audience and followers to your account. 

Doing promotional activities will help to reach out your blog content among the audience. You can use Instagram stories to reach more attention and get attention.