Manufacturers can increase the quality of their sales leads and strengthen their brands by maximising their use of social media marketing. The sheer number of available social media platforms and the breadth of content that may be distributed through them can be overwhelming.

The positive effects of social media advertising for manufacturing businesses

In 2017, more than 3.6 billion people throughout the world were active on social media at least monthly, according Statista. You can get your business exposed to these people through strategic use of social media advertising for manufacturing enterprises. It can help you stand out as an industry leader and win over new clients. These individuals can locate you through the use of hashtags or by recommendations from your existing network.

Having a well-executed social media plan also allows for client feedback on your services, which can help you grow.

Top-tier social media sites, period

Finding the best platform for your business needs might be difficult with the constant influx of new options. Your best bet is to focus on just one social media network initially, then branch out once you’ve established a steady stream of organic posts that help potential buyers find you.

Constant Contact provides social media tools that can be utilized to schedule and monitor postings across many platforms to help businesses increase their visibility, reach, and customer engagement.


LinkedIn, which first appeared in 2003, is primarily a professional networking site. You can find experts in your sector here, making this site a suitable starting point for manufacturing businesses. A large number of C-level executives and salespeople can be accessed using this resource.

Use LinkedIn as part of any social media marketing strategy for manufacturing businesses to connect with potential customers and expand your customer base.

Acquiring reputation in a sector requires active participation in relevant groups and boards.
Spread the word about your business by publishing updates and blog pieces on your LinkedIn profile.
Sharing news of product releases and other advancements with your network might help to keep salespeople engaged with your firm.

Goodman Manufacturing shares some tips for making the most of LinkedIn’s event promotion features ahead of an industry conference. The company’s use of LinkedIn to publicise the event serves as an open invitation to any attendees interested in making new connections. It inspires others in the field to come to the conference as well.

Put your personnel on camera to increase their credibility.

IBM maintains a channel on YouTube, where it frequently uploads content like its “What the Jargon” series and in-depth analyses of current trends and subjects in the IT sector. The vast majority of these films are concise while still imparting valuable information. Depending on the subject matter, videos should be no more than 15 minutes. Keep your promotional film within two minutes.

73% of Facebook users cite professional uses for the social network. A relationship with current and future clients can be established through this social network. You may boost brand awareness with crafted postings, respond to customer comments by commenting on user posts, and conduct satisfaction polls.

Facebook marketing presents unique challenges for companies whose clientele are predominantly other businesses, as these clients may also be potential customers. Still, this is a great area to show off your company’s values and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Show your appreciation for your staff and corporate culture by sharing news and accomplishments.

Distribute materials that shed light on developments in your business or other pertinent data that could pique your customers’ interests.
Show your appreciation for your consumers by like their Facebook posts and spreading the word about their achievements.
When it comes to technology and other services, Bosch Global is a frontrunner. We keep our Facebook page fresh with new videos, articles, and other media on a regular basis. Hashtags are also used efficiently to increase traffic to the site.

Content Promoted for Payment

Promotional choices are available on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While organic posts don’t cost anything, they may not be as successful as paid ads at getting people to visit your social network profile. If you pay for advertising on social media, your message will appear in the feed of those who might be interested in it.

Advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are reasonably priced. You can limit your expenditure on both services according on the number of impressions you want to buy. Advertisers can select the demographics of their target audience based on factors like region and sector. Create advertising on Facebook and Instagram that are more relevant to your buyers’ interests and more likely to appear in their feeds with the help of Constant Contact.

Advertisements on LinkedIn are more costly than those on Facebook and Instagram, but the platform’s intended audience is comprised of businesspeople. LinkedIn advertising have a higher chance of reaching decision-makers. Improving your LinkedIn ad’s ROI might be as simple as writing more detailed, benefit-oriented language.

Running multiple paid posts at once and analysing their performance will help you identify which ones get the best results. You can use this information to improve your marketing messages across all platforms.