Your social media marketing might be the most innovative in the world. Yet, this is useless if your social media customer service is subpar. Here are some ways to satisfy your social media manager and/or customer care staff while still providing exceptional service to your followers on social media.

The quality of your social customer service will determine the success of your business

And we might say it’s one of the most significant ones, right up there with the quality of your product or service. Using social media to spread awareness of your company, share interesting articles, and so on is crucial. Yet if anything goes wrong with a client encounter, it might all be for naught.

Furthermore, when you promote your goods on social media, customers will look for you there. After all, social media gave you and your consumers access to a previously unavailable interactive marketing channel.

More potential customers are within your grasp today. More importantly, though, customers have access to your brand in ways they never had before.

A win-win situation, you might say.

Problematically, many firms still use social media like they would a billboard, even when using these channels for customer care and marketing. Trying to get results through advertising and “no-reply” material distribution without really interacting with their audience and expecting to do so is a classic example of this.

And by now, everyone should know that social media doesn’t function in that way. More and more consumer-brand interactions now take place online, which makes this a crucial issue.

Why traditional customer service is dead and how social media will transform it?

Salesforce found that 57% of customers altered their brand interactions that year as a result of the epidemic. The same survey also emphasises the importance customers place on their interactions with the firm, with 80% placing it on par with product quality. Both retail customers and business-to-business ones are included here (the latter at an even greater 85%).

Now that consumers and businesses alike are on social media, it’s important to use it as a basic customer service channel alongside email and phone.

Effective social customer service: a how-to guide

Let’s take a look at some easy ways for your business to excel in social media customer service.

Find your consumers and join them

Quick responses are expected by customers. In today’s era, clients frequently turn to social media as their initial point of contact. That’s why it’s imperative that you support them whenever they need it and deliver on their expectations.

The challenge comes in figuring out how to maintain an active presence across many platforms while still providing responsive social customer care.

Integrate social media into your whole process of serving customers

All of your customer care processes may be integrated into one seamless operation if the people working on them have access to your social media interaction platform. Your staff will be able to respond to consumers more quickly, which will not only save time but also provide the impression of care and appreciation.

Ensure that your social media platforms are secure spaces for all users

What a frustrating topic. On occasion, you may see someone taking their frustrations out on their online community of choice. But, some commenters clearly take pleasure in being negative and rude to others.

Moreover, there are the trolls and bots that publish spam and improper material.

The time spent responding to these comments and mails should be better spent assisting customers with their problems. Then you sit there, removing the f-bombs and spam links one by one, by hand. And a growing number of them as your social media presence expands.

For these reasons, your social media outlets may not be the best hangout for your consumers (or your staff). Who wants to spend their days fighting spam bots and internet trolls in the marketing industry?

Thankfully, there are methods to automatically delete offensive material using keywords. While you can accomplish this independently on most social media networks, a social media engagement platform gives you a unified dashboard to manage all of your interactions with your (hopefully) grateful consumers.

Reduce distractions and put more effort into cultivating meaningful connections

Whilst we’re on the topic of saving time and making things easier, you should also consider using a social media automation service.

Moreover, several processes are amenable to automation (for use across numerous accounts):

As I indicated up above, that includes deleting spam. Protects your good name and save you the hassle of spending hours erasing it by hand (while overall making your social media accounts nicer places for everyone.)
Providing explanations for repeated inquiries. Questions like “What are your hours?”  and “How much is it?” are examples. (albeit the cost can be only a mouse click away ;)) You may set up rules for auto-moderation to provide instantaneous answers to this sort of inquiry using text you’ve already entered. (Bonus: make many variations to switch between so you don’t seem robotic.)
That can save so much time you can work on more difficult or urgent matters while you’re not leaving anybody without an answer.