Seven new messaging capabilities are being added to Instagram today. We’re increasing our spending on messaging to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to stay in touch with your closest friends, as we promised at the closing of last year.

Give an answer as you surf: Find a new message in your feed while you’re perusing the old ones? You may now respond to an email without leaving the thread you’re currently working in. With this update, chatting within the app is simpler and more accessible than before.
A quick message for your friends: Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of engaging content between Instagram users without requiring them to leave the app. You may quickly and easily share content with your inner circle by touching and holding the share button.

Check out who’s available to speak right now by looking at the “Online” list at the top of your email. This will allow you to make spontaneous plans with pals.
Changes to the Message Flow You may Expect.

You may now personalise your chats using the following options:

Start, stop, and play again: Thanks to upcoming connections with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify, you can now send a 30-second clip of the music that won’t leave your mind to your pals, who can play it immediately from the chat window.
Subtly convey your messages: Put “@silent” before your message’s subject line to avoid waking up your pals late at night or interrupting them during a busy day. You may now contact people without worrying about flooding their inboxes with unnecessary messages.
Listen to it in low quality: Have a cold? If you want your online interactions to more intimate, try out the new lo-fi chat theme.
Gather your team for a vote on something: Choosing a restaurant and setting a time to meet? One of the most popular aspects of Messenger’s group chat is polling, and we’re adding it to Instagram so you can make a poll right in your group chat.
These updated capabilities are now rolling out to a small number of nations. Stay tuned for additional exciting opportunities to share and communicate with your closest friends, as we are constantly trying to enhance the ways in which you may do so.

Instagram Now Allows Users to Make Purchases Via Direct Message

Instagram facilitates the finding and sharing of content that is meaningful to its users. And it’s not just among friends and family; consumers are also chatting with their preferred brands. Every week, one billion people use our family of apps to send a message to a company, whether it’s to have a conversation with a brand, look at a product, get help, or engage with a story. We aim to make it simple for consumers to begin meaningful discussions with brands they care about and to locate and purchase items they adore without ever leaving the conversation thread. That’s why, starting today, you can shop on Instagram without ever leaving the conversation.

Instagram now allows users to complete purchases without leaving conversations with some small businesses. You may just write a message to the company describing the rucksack you like and express your interest in purchasing it. From there, you may place your purchase while having a conversation about alterations, such as adding your initials. You may check on the status of your order and ask any lingering questions right there in the conversation. You may now utilise Meta Pay at checkout, making your shopping experience even more streamlined. Your financial information and purchase details will be safely encrypted during checkout.