The most advanced logo detecting software now keeps an eye on Instagram, the most popular photo sharing service in the world.

To demonstrate the efficacy of the upgrade, we ran fresh research to identify six changes that can be made by businesses to increase their visibility on Instagram.

1. Obey the Person in Charge

During a two-week period, we utilised Image Insights to scan 50 million Instagram photos for the most frequently featured companies.

The top seven are as follows:

According to our research, Adidas received the most mentions on Instagram. Listed below are some reasons why:

Sponsoring activities that get a lot of people involved effectively (mainly soccer)
Marketing on Instagram through collaboration with influencers, such as Snoopdogg

Even though most companies can’t afford the budgets behind Adidas’ ads, it’s remarkable how Adidas’ engagement is so much higher than Nike’s, despite the two companies having identical budgets.

2. Employ Localized Influencers

The Instagram accounts for Chanel and Louis Vuitton are among the most successful fashion accounts.

These brands are more popular on Instagram than those of Apple, Samsung, McDonald’s, Amazon, Heineken, L’Oreal, and Walmart put together.

In working with so-called “micro-influencers,” they were able to accomplish this. These influential people have between one thousand and one hundred thousand fans:

These users have an engaged audience that are more likely to interact with the content they provide, and they can usually be hired for less than megastars.

3. Three, Customize Your Goods

The reasoning behind Starbucks’ practise of including a personalised message on each cup of coffee is up for dispute.

On the other hand, the impact on people’s willingness to interact with others is shocking.

We discovered that writers who shared photographs of their name on a Starbucks cup generated an extra 100 mentions each day.

Costa, a popular UK coffee chain, receives an average of 300 daily picture references.

The customised experience offered by Starbucks inspires customers to spread the word via social media. Its brand recognition has skyrocketed in comparison to its competitors, and it now ranks third on the list of the most photographed products.

4. Motivate the creation of content by the audience

Nutella’s Instagram presence is quite visible.

When compared to other brands in the food and drink industry, this one ranks fifth (ahead of KFC and Pepsi).

Nutella spends a tiny fraction on marketing and sponsorship compared to the other companies on this list; how do they compete?

Promote creative uses of Nutella using the brand’s own Instagram account.

In addition, Nutella has a set of rules that must be followed (see below), the most important of which is the use of the brand’s emblem in all marketing materials.

The results of this method are obvious; its exposure has increased significantly.

Not only does this inspire a number of consumers to try their own hand at imitating and sharing the ideas, but it also motivates others to do the same.

The company’s strategic approach to encouraging customer sharing has resulted in massive amounts of picture exposure for Nutella.

5. Funding = Exposure

When comparing the two leading tech companies, Google and Samsung, Apple has more photos posted about it on Instagram than both of them put together.

The astonishing thing about this is how little Apple spent on sponsorship.

The only time Apple ever sponsored anything was a brief stint with the Bayern Munich soccer team.

Samsung, on the other hand, invests over $3.3 billion annually on marketing and promotion.

The lesson here is that money isn’t everything when it comes to promoting a company. You won’t be able to compete with market leaders by relying just on financial resources.

To create something that people want to share, it’s important to work from the bottom up, from product design to delivery.

6. As a general rule of thumb, earned money is better than owned.

Earned content is more valuable than owned material when it comes to exposure.

After conducting research on the car sector, we realised this to be true.

Mercedes-Benz outperforms its competitors by a wide margin, with 49% more image mentions than BMW.

Yet, when comparing BMW with Mercedes, the success of BMW’s owned accounts is unexpected.

If we were to solely consider BMW-owned accounts, we may incorrectly think that the brand is more well-known on social media than it actually is.

Tracking earned media, though, shows that Mercedes comes out on top.

A lesson to be learned from this is to expand one’s horizons beyond one’s own owned content, as this tends to merely provide a snapshot of the whole picture. Paid advertisements and manufactured interaction can also have an impact, unlike with absolute visibility.

Nevertheless, your Instagram approach should not stop at your personal profile. It has to include interactions with influencers, users, and others (both in text and via image).