Do you own a company and want to increase your online presence? If your line of work allows you an Instagram presence, you should be using it. With a user base of over a billion, this service is clearly not limited to the youth of today. It’s the best location to provide consumers an accurate picture of what it’s like to work with your company. Instagram is a great place to show off your business’s wares, and your customers will appreciate a peek behind the scenes.

If you’re a company owner wanting to level up your marketing strategy or launch a whole new campaign, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Read on to find out how you can use Instagram to promote your business.

Instagram for Small Businesses: Getting Started

A company Instagram account is an absolute need if you haven’t already done so. Instagram business profiles have access to a wealth of data that regular users don’t view. Don’t ignore these effective promotional resources!

Instagram accounts start off as personal profiles by default. That’s what you should be looking at if you’re just getting started. Here are the measures you need do to convert your Instagram account into a commercial one:

  • First, open your profile and select “Menu” from the drop-down list.
  • It’s step 2 to choose the preferences menu.
  • For certain users, the option to “Switch to a Professional Account” may be found in the account’s “Settings” menu.
  • Step 3: Go to the Accounts tab.
  • Four, choose Upgrade to a Business Profile.
  • 5 Select the Next button.
  • Choose a business category, then hit the “Done” button.
  • Select OK to confirm.
  • To the eight, dial in on Business.
  • 9 Click the following button.

Insert Contact Information, then click Next. Or tap Please don’t utilise my info to skip this procedure.

Eleven. If you’d like, you may link your company Facebook Page to your business Facebook account. You don’t have to do this, but it will simplify your experience using all of the business tools offered by the various Facebook applications. One business account can be linked to a single Facebook Page at this time.

You may get back to your profile by clicking the X in the upper right.

How to Use Instagram for Business Promotion?

Instagram is one place where appearances do count. Because of Instagram’s visual nature, you may give your viewers a realistic glimpse into what it would be like to work with you. How people perceive your company is crucial to its success. Do they get to participate in a forward-thinking and contemporary company strategy when they work with you? Make sure your feed has the same feel as your brand’s other marketing materials.

Get a good headshot for your profile

Typically, we use our customers’ own profile pictures as their logo. Make sure your brand stands out clearly on a simple background. You should also check that your logo fits entirely within Instagram’s chosen circular template.

Customise your profile’s featured sections

Once you start using Instagram stories, you may find yourself with a lot of amazing stuff from the moment that you want to preserve on your account. While Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, you may make certain postings permanent by using the highlight feature. Instagram’s default highlight template mimics the circular shape of your profile photo. If you want to change the default picture, we suggest using a service like Canva, which offers a wide variety of premade highlight themes. Select an appropriate icon from your computer’s file system and add it to your narrative to serve as the featured picture. Here is a preview of our Instagram highlight reel!

Put an emphasis on taking photographs of high quality

Visually, you want your company to be shown in a way that is consistent with your brand and that also makes you stand out from the competitors. After all, if your competition appears more professional, potential clients may opt to deal with them instead. In the world of marketing, perception is often more important than actual quality. Instead, use Instagram to your advantage by taking beautiful, well-lit pictures that will make viewers pause in their browsing. People are more inclined to follow you and conduct business with you if your material is of good quality.

Add a Video

Instagram has recently announced that they are giving preference to native video content, which means that videos will rank higher than merely photographs. Instagram allows users to share both long and short videos. You may post videos to your regular feed, IGTV (Instagram’s version of YouTube), or Reels (Instagram’s answer to TikTok). Hyperchat’s Instagram Reels, which feature currently popular music, dances, and facts, have contributed significantly to the site’s recent surge in views. Have a look at the screenshot below to get an idea of how popular we are. Though first intimidating, video proves to be well worth the time and energy invested. Insane perspectives may be had without resorting to dancing. Share an unboxing video, a look around the workplace, or a profile of a staff member.

How to Use Hashtags to Expand Your Instagram Following?

Hashtags help you get seen on Instagram. If no one is seeing the stuff you’re working so hard to create, it won’t matter how good it is. Hashtags are a terrific technique to increase your visibility on Instagram and gain new followers.

Marketers used to overuse hashtags in their Instagram captions in an attempt to increase their visibility. But nowadays, you shouldn’t fill this area with too many captions lest you appear spammy.