Having a large number of followers and likes is important whether you’re an established social media personality or just someone who enjoys making virtual connections with others. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. were developed specifically for this purpose.

You may locate those Instagram friends, fans, and likes with the use of a programme called Ingramer. The bot employs granular filtering, allows for geo- and user-specific targeting, and provides data on the bot’s performance.

An Overview of Ingramer

There is no need to save anything to your computer, mobile device, or other storage medium. Ingramer is an online software that requires only your email address to get started; the entire process takes a few minutes at most. The final step is to link your Instagram account with Ingramer.

Caution: allowing them access to your account is necessary. You will not be allowed to utilise the service unless you are willing to do so.

The next step, setting up your campaign, is where things get a bit hairy once you’ve created your account. Even though it claims that a few minutes are required, this is possible if you know what you’re doing. The sheer number of options available can be overwhelming, and there isn’t much in the way of on-screen guidance, however a chat box is available if you get stuck.

All you have to do is post on Instagram, and Ingramer will bring in new followers and likes automatically. A few days passed between when my account was created and when I was able to begin exploring its features. I joined Instagram in 2013, although I seldom post there. Most of the photographs I’ve uploaded there were either taken because someone tagged me in them or were uploaded because I realised I had an account.

Before I even started to build up a campaign after joining Ingramer, I was getting followers and likes on the few photographs I had previously uploaded. That got me thinking, and I started to consider the possibilities.

Options Configuration in Ingramer

I choose to try Ingramer in the hopes that it will help me gain followers and likes. Here and on our sister site, IoT Tech Trends, I’ve begun publishing the pieces I’ve written. In addition, I provide articles on politics and current affairs to a website. To spread the word, I started sharing several of these pieces on Instagram and Ingramer.

Unfortunately, this is a drawback of the service. I write anything from five to nine articles every day, but the free trial only allows you to upload three articles before you have to subscribe to a commercial version. As a result, I could only draw on the experience of publishing three pieces, and I didn’t even pick the best ones until it was too late.

Ingramer’s dashboard, accounts, and postings are its three primary sections. The dashboard displays information on how many people Ingramer followed and unfollowed on your behalf, Many likes it generated, and how many likes it generated on average each day. I didn’t have any followers or unfollows because I wasn’t using that service.

To sum up

Having a lesson would be a great addition to Ingramer, as it might be confusing to figure out where to begin. They also provide a live chat feature, however I find that tutorials are easier to follow.

When it comes to its practicality, I have to award Ingramer top marks, especially for those who are in the industry of advertising. A large number of people liked and followed me after only a brief test period.

The discovered number of likes and followers did not, however, improve my “business.” However, this may just be due to my having not configured it properly for my company’s needs. I know that people were looking at my photos, but they weren’t following the links I provided in those postings to read my articles. Again, perhaps if I had access to the correct lesson and more opportunities to test out the service, I could have gotten the kind of followers and likers that would have helped me.