Posting photos, shoppable tags, live videos, or IGTV is just some of the ways Instagram facilitates communication and interaction between users, companies, and organisations. Several companies have benefited from Instagram’s innovative features, which have improved their relationships with their customers.

Instagram Stories Highlights is one of the app’s most widely used features, having attracted a lot of interest after its inception and being utilised on a daily basis by 500 million accounts.
This article will explain how to leverage Instagram’s Highlights feature for advertising and consumer interaction. First, we’ll define this function and explain how it works; next, we’ll look at few ways it might benefit your company.

Instagram Stories Highlights… what are they?

You may compile a selection of photos, videos, and other content that you’ve shared on your Instagram Story in the past and call it a Highlight, or just a Highlight. Albums are a common term for these compiled compilations, which typically fall into distinct topical divisions.

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, however Instagram Highlights remain on your profile in perpetuity and may be edited whenever you choose. These albums are shown just above your usual feed and beneath your personal bio.

All you need to know about Instagram Highlights

In order to begin sharing interesting and useful information on your Highlights, you must first master the process of making them. The first thing you should do is activate the Instagram auto-archiving option. Each Instagram Story you create is automatically archived and saved to the cloud using this function, so you never have to worry about losing any of your material. If you enable this setting, your Instagram Stories material won’t be deleted when it is shared or reposted elsewhere. Here’s what you need to do to find the archiving option:

To change your Instagram preferences, go to your account settings.
You may read the tale by selecting the “Story” tab.
The “Save to Archive” setting must be on.

After making sure that “Save to Archive” is active, you may proceed to making an Instagram Stories Highlight! The “Story Highlights” button is located on your profile page, just below your name and bio. Next, highlight the Stories you want by tapping on them. Continue by giving your Highlight a name and selecting a cover photo. After you’re through making changes, just hit the “Done” or “Add” button.

How to make the most of Instagram Stories for your company?

Whilst it’s possible to compile all of your Instagram Stories into a single highlight, doing so isn’t likely to increase your audience’s interest in your account and will likely discourage your audience from interacting with your brand. Several highlights showcasing the various Instagram Stories you make maximise the utility of this function. These are nine examples of Instagram Highlights that may be used to attract new followers and existing clients.

Feature Your Goods Here

Making a promotional Instagram Story Highlight is a great method to advertise your brand and connect with consumers. Instagram claims that after viewing an ad, 75 percent of users will take some sort of action, such as clicking on a link to learn more or completing a purchase. A highlight labelled “Products” might increase the likelihood that Instagram users who have never interacted with your brand will click through to the material contained rather of just scrolling through the rest of your feed. Directing clients to your Instagram highlight may make it simpler and quicker for them to learn about your products and services, join up for your subscription, or even make a purchase. Stickers (interactive components you may add to Instagram Stories to connect with your followers) let you to present your items in a more creative and less direct or salesy approach by tagging them in your highlights.

Market Activities

It’s common knowledge that social media is a fantastic platform on which to publicise upcoming events and increase brand recognition, given that many people turn to these platforms specifically to find specific information. Although we are currently unable to assemble in large numbers, and your company may not be sponsoring any in-person events, you may still utilise the Stories feature to highlight prior events, promote forthcoming events, and assist raise awareness about others. By doing so, you may provide your audience a clearer picture of the type of events your company often holds, which can only serve to pique their interest in attending future events.

Disclose your recent activities

An excellent Instagram Story Highlight would be a behind-the-scenes look at what the company has been up to while #WorkingFromHome, since this is an excellent method to keep customers updated, which is always one of the most essential goals of any business.

Following such stories gives your fans and buyers a visual of the people behind your business and its new endeavours, which in turn gives your brand a more personable feel.

Some fantastic strategies that your company may use right now include:

  • Get people excited about your new items by showing them sneak peeks of them.
  • Show off your meeting notes with an image or video.
  • Display the locations where recent work has been performed by personnel.

Use polls to engage your audience and get feedback

Customers may be involved in the creative process by voting on different aspects of your brand’s Instagram Stories. You can find out more about your target market, including what problems they’re having with your product or service, and you can also ask them interesting, unique questions that get them involved with your brand.

Furthermore, the outcomes of Instagram Stories polls may be used to rethink and improve advertising and marketing strategies. If you want to show your followers and users that you value their thoughts and feedback on your goods or conversations, compile a highlight of all the ad polls you’ve uploaded to your Instagram Stories.