This Instagram advertising strategy is designed to get you thinking about the whole picture.

If you want to see the full picture, you’ll have to take a break from the unending scroll and head over to the brand’s Instagram page.

Rather of uploading a separate image to each square of your Instagram grid, you can now create cohesive photo stories by tying together your photographs with common themes. Each tile is like a bread crumb that reveals a new step closer to the final reward. When viewed as a whole, the grid reveals a few hidden elements in each graphic.

The conclusion should be well worth the buildup.

But what is the best way to make use of Instagram’s grid feature?

Understanding how to maximise the grid’s potential as a marketing tool on Instagram might be a bit of a challenge for those who are new to the platform.

So don’t worry; this handy reference should help you get a grip.

We’ve compiled a list of few innovative strategies that companies are doing to set themselves apart from the competition, communicate their brand narrative, and give that tale more significance using the grid format.

This is the procedure that must be followed without delay.

Make a Simple Grid-Based Website

Let’s go down to earth first. Keep in mind that although aesthetics are certainly important, the ultimate goal of your Instagram feed is to sell your business to your audience.
As a result, it is always a good idea to use the grid to promote a miniature or streamlined version of your primary website.
Don’t hide anything from anyone. Share your motivation with the community and make some sales. Providing your contact information is more effective than using the overused #linkinbio to get people to your website or storefront.

In what way can we do this?

Maximize grid’s usefulness for your company by taking use of all it has to offer. The grid provides a great opportunity to build a full-screen brand logo that can be used across your whole Instagram feed. Share your brand’s value by showcasing it in all its splendour.

Create a Menu or Catalog

Instagram’s grid structure remains popular with lifestyle, fashion, and even culinary firms. To name just a few examples, the grid can be arranged in such a way as to resemble a checkerboard, a magazine index, or a puzzle.

In what way can we do this?

Create a mood board to guide your picture selection for each column. Using the same material in every tile might get old fast, so try to avoid doing that. Instead, settle on a theme that unites the disparate pictures. The three different lipstick colours seen in the middle row of the preceding illustration. It’s the same item, but the two photographs in the corners draw attention to the differences in tone.

You must upload all three images for each row at the same time otherwise the grid will be disorganised and the viewing experience will suffer.

Take a Wide-Angle Photograph

Indeed, the row format is also used here, but with a twist. You utilise a single, wide-angle photograph of a single image instead of a series of related images to fill the full row. In addition to a single row.

What should I do?

Start by setting up a panoramic photo. Then use an app to split it into the necessary number of individual pictures. InSwipe is an Android app and Swipeable is an iOS app that both serve the same purpose. With this app’s assistance, you can easily separate a single panorama shot into many pictures, all of which may be seen at once for a seamless, swipeable panorama.

Put your brand on the map using columns

When developing a unified visual identity for your company, rows are not your only choice.

Vertical layouts provide a welcome change from the ubiquitous horizontal grids that seemingly everyone and their neighbour is utilising to promote their company.

Displaying unique items, images, or data is a breeze in a column. If you have something tall, sturdy, and vertical, you should visualise the columns of your grid.

What should I do?

Consider whether or not your brand actually need a vertical grid before committing to its utilisation. This demonstrates that a grid column may be useful for representing images that need vertical orientation. If at all possible, avoid trying to force anything.

The most effective way to influence your readers is to let the design of your site evolve naturally. Let it flourish.

Follow the Diagonal Grid System

If you don’t have the courage and time to devote to the process, don’t even bother. Yet, a diagonal grid packs the most impact, while being more difficult to handle than the more traditional square tiles or horizontal rows of grids.

The concept or tale must be developed along a diagonal line on the grid. This effectively implies that every fourth tile contains the same theme image. You don’t have to upload all the grid-style photographs at once as in the other types we’ve spoken about. Instead, your primary responsibility will be to carefully consider the order in which you upload each photograph. Note that you need to pay special attention to the fourth floor.

Enhance your Instagram grid with text

Instagram’s text-posting popularity will provide credibility to your marketing efforts. Popular kinds of content on this image-driven network include literary quotations, movie lines, meme accounts, and Tweets.

Fun times may be had by everybody when using text postings on a grid. In addition to establishing the rut, they also provide the audience with something tasty to nibble on. Vertical and horizontal grids of just text postings may also be created. Furthermore, you may fold in the middle column of your grid to make room for text-only updates. You might choose for a more graphic approach, reserving text for the diagonal tiles.