It’s no secret that short-form video has been rapidly spreading throughout the internet’s various platforms in the past year. More and more people are prioritising video content on their social media accounts in an effort to build followers, awareness, and revenue.

Though TikTok has become the undisputed king of social entertainment, content producers and marketers would be wise to diversify their social media content promotion techniques. Despite TikTok’s branding of Netflix as a direct rival for social entertainment, Instagram continues to have a distinct advantage. Almost 500 million people utilise this visual medium every day, with 20% of those people watching Reels. Without a doubt, Instagram is a major factor in attracting customers’ attention.

Which Companies Benefit Most from Instagram’s Reels Algorithm?

As more than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, there is a massive opportunity for companies to utilise Reels to expand their reach and increase brand awareness. In terms of e-commerce, Instagram Reels might be the holy grail of ideal discovery, since 83% of its customers utilise the platform to learn about new items and services. Instagram Reels for businesses should be essential to the social media strategy of any management, despite the fact that marketers can’t rely on just one network. As the industry evolves and new competitors enter the fray, Reels has been able to maintain its dominant position thanks to its limitless expansion potential.

To you, at least, this must be obvious. The more Instagram Reels a brand makes, the more views, followers, and interaction it will receive, and the more successful it will become. It may seem simple, but monitoring your brand’s social media accounts is a lot more work than it seems at first glance.

The Instagram algorithm has shown the intricacy of an apparently black-and-white content strategy by increasing its effectiveness in terms of engagement, sharing, and brand recognition. As more and more users spend their time trying to figure out how to make Reels and the algorithm work for them, they’ve begun to voice discontent with the platform. Marketers may waste a limitless amount of time and money on video content creation without first gaining a firm grasp of the inner workings of the algorithms that govern its visibility.

A glimmer of hope is visible, nevertheless. Instagram has officially said that it gives Reels higher priority than any other media kind. Hence, if you consistently upload Reels, the algorithm is more likely to favour your post over all other visual material and increase your reach to individuals who aren’t already following you. This post will not only help you understand how the Instagram algorithm works if raising your brand’s visibility is a high priority for you and your team.

So, how exactly does the algorithm for Instagram reels function?

Instagram’s rapid growth necessitated the implementation of algorithms to sort through the resulting deluge of data and show users just the posts that would be most relevant to them. Despite the occasional controversy, these algorithms are meant to enhance the user experience by providing more relevant and personalised information. Instagram’s Feed and Stories algorithm, for instance, was developed so that users wouldn’t miss out on content from their closest friends and family members as the app gained users. Instead, the goals of the Reels and Explore algorithms are to facilitate content exploration. This ties in with our earlier discussion of how Instagram may introduce people to previously unknown companies and items.

Who sees your posts on Instagram is up to an algorithm, but how does it work? This is mostly due to the following factors:


For its algorithm, Instagram takes into account both the people with whom you engage and the people who interact with you. A person’s network is comprised of those they are tagged by and those who are tagged by them in their material. Moreover, it takes into account both the context of the mention and the content of the tag. This trickle-down effect is how Instagram prioritises your content for the accounts that engage with you the most. Next, based on the algorithm’s assessment of the size of your followers’ social networks, your feed will be prioritised in their Explore and Reels feeds.

Shared Values

Instagram’s algorithm is unique for each user and adapts to their preferences based on past activities and interactions with the service. To illustrate, Reels pertaining to the cosmetics and beauty business are more likely to be displayed on accounts that also offer makeup lesson videos.


The Instagram Reels system favours recent, relevant posts over older ones. In order to enhance the likelihood of a viral post and the algorithm favouring your content, it is important to stay current and to regularly upload new creative. Don’t lose track of what’s popular and how your target demographic is responding.

The frequency with which an app is used might also have an effect on its usefulness. Infrequent Instagram users will see just the most timely and relevant posts in their feeds.


Having a large following can help you get more exposure, and Instagram gives preference to accounts who already have a lot of followers. If this doesn’t describe you, don’t lose hope. The Instagram team has publicly stated its interest in discovering new, independent producers; if your account has a lot of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares, this bodes well. To get a lot of people to interact with your content, you should constantly think about how your Instagram marketing plan fits into the bigger picture before you start making anything. Your Instagram engagement rate will increase greatly if you have access to data and insights that will help you shape your content strategy moving ahead.