For ecommerce firms, Instagram has a lot of potential for sales. So it’s crucial to study other businesses and their best practises if you want to execute Instagram ad campaigns on a budget.

Instagram is used by over 25 million businesses to market their goods and services. How can you reach your target audience amidst the clutter? Run precisely targeted Instagram ad campaigns is the easiest solution.

With more than two million advertisers each month, there is no question that Instagram advertising is a powerful tool for achieving your company objectives quickly.

I’ve compiled six excellent Instagram commercials with their outcomes, as well as what makes them great and what could be improved, to serve as inspiration for your upcoming ad campaign.

Why do Instagram ads?

As a marketer, you probably have to allocate the budget and spend your money on strategies that are effective for building your brand. Here are a few justifications to attempt Instagram advertising if you’re on the fence about it:

  • Engage with your target market. According to Business Instagram, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business on the site, and the Instagram community has reached one million monthly active members. For brands, this indicates that your prospective clients are undoubtedly using the platform and are eager to engage with your business. Run Instagram marketing campaigns to hasten the process so your target audience can find you and engage with you.
  • Reach your company objectives: You may target the precise audience you desire with the range of available options. Additionally, varied campaign goals might help you fulfil your company’s objectives, whether they be to improve website traffic, increase mobile app downloads, or attract more clients.
  • For these reasons, conducting Instagram ad campaigns is a smart idea for firms of all sizes and shapes. Here are some examples of how other businesses have successfully used paid ads to further their corporate objectives.

Bonus marketing suggestions for e-commerce businesses

The aforementioned examples demonstrate the effectiveness of Instagram advertising and encourage you to launch your campaign, but wouldn’t it be amazing if Instagram offered more diverse advertising options?

Instead of launching your paid ad campaign on the network, you may use some of the alternative advertising strategies we discovered by analysing the top ecommerce firms on Instagram.

Products can be sent for review or unpacking

Brands of all sizes must work with specialised influencers to promote their goods or services in the word-of-mouth marketing age, where 92% of consumers believe peer recommendations more than brand advertisements.

Influencers can communicate more about your brand without seeming too pushy if they have a devoted following because people trust them more than paid advertisements. So sending things for review makes sense. For instance, you could locate an influencer that does unboxing videos, pay them for mentioning your company, and join a community of people who could become your clients already.

Get creative and work with influencers

Collaborate with people who use Instagram creator accounts if you want to go above and above and make it simpler for the niche influencer’s followers to learn more about your product. Why? These users have the ability to include product tags in their posts, which enables them to sell featured products in-app.
Finding an influencer who won’t charge much is more likely to be necessary if your brand is small. what is good news? Finding an opinion leader that connects with your target audience and fits inside your marketing budget is no longer a challenge. Additionally, nano-influencers—those with less than 1000 followers—show the highest engagement rates because the majority of their followers have in-person contacts.

Sponsor a contest

Become a giveaway sponsor for another fantastic approach to generate discussion about your product and boost e-commerce sales. Giveaways are a popular way for bloggers to expand their audience, thank their supporters, and gain new subscribers. They frequently work with companies who sponsor prizes (or they just donate their products for giveaways) to offer a wide choice of presents.

For brands, this is a chance to reach a larger market with their goods. The right people who are interested in your items are drawn in when an influencer gives away your product as a prize.


Instagram has emerged as a goldmine for marketers looking to accomplish business objectives because it is one of the social media platforms with the quickest growth and the most active user base. Finding a different channel to reach your target audience is crucial because the competition is increasing and Instagram’s algorithm is changing.

Thankfully, Instagram advertising offers a variety of formats and aims, enabling every company to succeed. And the aforementioned instances show that when done correctly, paid advertisements produce results quickly.